Jordan Rookus


Artist Dissection

~Who are your Greatest inspirations?

  • “My favorite artists have always been H.R. Giger and Alex Grey. I consider them to be huge inspirations to myself and my work. I have always had a deep love for Dark and Macabre surrealist Art as well as the Visionary and Sacred Arts.I enjoy the works of hp lovecraft, GUILLERMO del toro, chet zar and tons more. i am inspired daily by the artistic efforts of so many DIFFERENT people. There are also countless tattooers out there these days doing absolutely amazing works of art also. it is very inspiring to see so many artists pushing the BOUNDARIES of what a tattoo can be. I aspire to push that envelope as well.”

~Have you always been in touch with your creativity?~

“I have always had my hand in the creative process. I was POSSESSED to make things ever since i can remember. when i was 14, I solidified in myself that I was going to live a life of creating art. I was going to live my life to create and never stop advancing myself and my technique. I always reminded myself that if anybody else can do it, so can you. I never gave myself a second of thought since that it could be any other way.”

~Do you practice any other forms of art besides tattooing? if so have they had any effect on your Tattoo process?~

“ABSOLUTELY. I am very much a Painter at heart. Oils, Acrylic, Airbrush, Canvases and murals. Tattooing for me has integrated my painting style into my work. From the layers i use, the way i mix my colors, to the relationship i have with the machine and needles i use. I truly feel as though I am painting on the skin, and I believe it shows in my work. I am in love with this process i have developed from my experience painting.”

“I am also a sculpture, Photographer and digital artist. I have learned to integrate and INNOVATE all of these ART FORMS into my work. As a Sculptor, i can create a variety of forms and use DIFFERENT lighting, photography and digital manipulation to help achieve the vision i have. helping me visualize abstract forms more realistically.”

~How would you DESCRIBE your work?~

“My work has a right-left brained duality to it.”

“One side being very right brained, organic, fluid and intuitive. That would be my Bio-Organic/Abstract work. Black and grey or color. Most of the the time free-handed with sharpies onto the clients skin to be as form fit to the body as possible, and then tattooed. The goal with these pieces are to blend realism with the abstract as much as possible. Depth, texture, light source and flow are key elements in this work. Most of these Pieces have some form of a theme. it may be, natural, mechanical, flora, fauna, alien, horror, ect. we could be turning your arm into a insect-like segmented, organic, glowing exoskeleton. the potential for creative and ORIGINAL ideas is endless. it would be impossible to see the same tattoo twice. it was form fit and designed specifically to the shape and structure of your body. Bio-Organic tattoos transform and transfigure the body into something completely new. these pieces work very well as large-scale tattoos. My technique for these tattoos is the same as the way i would paint thick over thin with oils.”

“The other side of my work being Geometric/Ornamental. Left brained, methodical, repetitive, precise and always stenciled. I like to keep these pieces black and grey. If the project is right though, color can have a very cool effect. My interest comes from my curiosity to explore,understand, recreate and play with the basic shapes and forms of our reality. My geometric side is inspired by Sacred Geometry, Fractals and Tessellating Patterns. Of which exist in everything from the Atomic/Microscopic to the Macro cosmic in an infinite variety.”

Geometric and ornamental tattoos look great large scale. i do PREFER to do large scale work, although it looks great in all sizes and i still love to smaller pieces. My goal is to work with the shape of the body as much as possible.”

~How would one go about scheduling a Tattoo with you?~

“ Just send me an email at I have all of the information posted in the booking section of my website.”

~Do you sell your painting or do commissions?~

"I absolutely do, I will have my paintings and prints for sale in the shop section of this website.. All painting inquiries can be made through my email @”

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Jordan Rookus is a Michigan native with over 7+ years of tattoo experience.

His specialties include Custom Bio-Organic/Abstract Tattoos and also Geometric/Ornamental Black-work.

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